17 October 2006

Mysore Palace

The Maharajah’s Palace is a magnificent three-storied structure with a five-storey tower, designed by the English architect Henry Irwin. The famous Mysore palace also known as the Amba Villas Palace is one of the largest palaces in the country. The palace was originally built of wood, which got burnt down in 1897 and was rebuilt in 1912. It is a healthy combination of Dravidian, Indo-Sarcenic, Oriental and Roman styles.

It is attractive both inside and outside. It’s a kaleidoscope of stained glass and mirrors. There are also beautifully carved wooden doors and mosaic floors. The tastefully decorated and intricately carved doors open into luxuriously decorated rooms. The ground floor with an enclosed courtyard display costumes, musical instruments, children’s toys and numerous portraits. The upper floor has a small collection of weapons. The carved mahogany ceilings, solid silver doors, white marble floors and columned Durbar hall are a feast to the eyes.

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