03 February 2007

Brihadeeshwara Temple

The magnificent Brihadeeshwara temple is a symbol of the greatness of the Chola Empire under the emperor king Rajaraja Chola. One of the tallest temple in the world, it was so designed that the vimana never casts a shadow at noon at any time of the year.

Sama Varma, the chief architect began to design a structure, which stood on a square base of 29mts and rose up to a height of about 65 mts. The temple stands within a fort. The towering Vimanam is about 200 feet high. The octagonal Shikharam rests on a single block of granite weighing 81 tons. The size of the Nandi matches that of the huge Linga. The Kalasam on top is about 3.8mts in height.

The temple stands within a huge compound walls rising above 15 mts. Sama Varma crowned its glory with 12.5feet tall finial of 9.25kg of copper plated with 800gms of gold.

Another architectural wonder is seen in the tower with the huge dome. It is made of black granite and estimated to weigh 80tons. Besides, the gopuram on which this dome rests is 216feet high.

The lofty sanctum tower is enclosed by a rectangular corridor consisting of two squares. The main tower occupies the central part of the rear square. The central tower has 16 tiers up to its 200feet height. On the inner wall of the Garbha Griha or the sanctum sanctorum are sculpted 108 dance poses or karmas performed by Lord Shiva.

Images of Brihadeeshwara Temple
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